World Menopause Day 2017

World Menopause Day is recognized every year on October 18th by the World Health Organization in collaboration with the International Menopause Society. It is a day designed to increase awareness towards menopause, allow women to feel comfortable to talk about their menopausal problems and to make available resources that focus and promote awareness towards the menopausal health issues. It is also a call for women approaching menopause and during menopause to take stock of their present health so as to prepare themselves for a better start in the post menopause.

The theme by the International Menopause Society for 2017 is to raise awareness towards perimenopausal bleeding. This is a common problem and constitutes 70% of gynecological visits by women of this age group. Many women are disheartened by abnormal bleeding during this phase in their lives and besides facing prospects of their hormones changing, many are worried about surgical intervention and possible malignancies. Helping a woman cope through this phase allows them to be stronger to face any possible changes that may come along with time.

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