What can I do to help ease changes without medication?

Exercise benefits in huge number of ways:

• Women in their 40’s tend to have more PMS (premenstrual symptoms). Exercise helps relieve the bloating and period pains that come along at this stage.

• The rise of beta endorphins that exercises brings about helps relieve the frequency and intensity of hot flushes.

• These endorphins also decreases stress, relieves depression and improves mood.

• Helps keep body healthy by burning calories and stops the increase in  intra abdominal fat that comes along with menopause.

• Exercises helps improve bone density and keeps joints and muscles strong.

• Exercise cuts down the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer

• Exercises improves mood and body image which in turn helps increase sex drive and satisfaction

• Insulin resistance (which increases with menopause) improves

• Overall health improves

• Healthier bowel function

What kind of exercises?

Weight bearing exercises builds muscle, burns fat and maintains bone density. Ideally it should be carried out 2-3 times a week for 25-35 minutes Weights should be heavy enough so that your muscles feel fatigued at the end of your workout.

Cardio (exercises that increase heart rate)

These exercises keep bone strong and improves bone density.

One can do exercises such as walking, jogging, running on the treadmill, dancing, biking, playing games such as tennis, badminton or swimming, doing housework or gardening.


Swimming uses the large muscles of the body and increases heart rate. It is also  a form of water aerobics which provides resistance without the impact.